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Family Owned

Since 1978


Sam Andria was a sophisticated and talented jazz artist who not only applied his creativity to his music, but also to his love for food. On November 15th, 1978 Sam & Muggs Andria purchased a farmhouse in O'Fallon, IL where they held "jam sessions" in the basement that lasted far into the morning hours. The hospitality and atmosphere drew patrons from all around, where they waited for hours to dine and visit.

Andria's Steakhouse became known for their quality and generous cuts of beef, along with exquisite flavoring. If you asked Sam, he would tell you that the secret lay in the flavor of Andria's Brush-On Steak Sauce. Sam was convinced that everyone should try the award-winning sauce, so he brushed it on every cut of beef, chicken and fish. So convinced, that he gave away hundreds of bottles until his son-in-law, Larry Kenison, entered the business taking Andria's operations into retail doors throughout the nation. What started as a kitchen counter operation morphed into a food manufacturing powerhouse. 

Larry and Maureen Kenison continue to be heavily involved in the business today, as they groom their son and daughter-in-law, Max and Rebecca Kenison, to create the next generation legacy of Andria's Food Group. 


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